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Compact spectrophotometer CSP, based on acousto-optical tunable filter is designed to measure the relative diffuse reflectance spectra of flat nonluminescent surfaces of various materials ( paper, cardboard, plastic) , coatings , food samples in the near-infrared region of the optical spectrum. The instrument allows the positioning of the surface measured with the help of built-in color video camera output spectra measured on its own display, transmit data on the measured objects to a personal computer for later comparison , research and detailed analysis.

Technical characteristics of CSP:

Parameter Value
Spectral measurement range In agreement with the customer
Measuring range SKDO% 10 - 100
The bandwidth of 0.5 at a wavelength of 1200 nanometers, nm, of not more than From 1 nm (software selectable)
Step measuring wavelength From 1 nm (software selectable)
Limit of acceptable absolute error measurements SKDO% 7
Limit of acceptable error of the wavelength scale, nm ±3
Measuring the aperture diameter, mm 3,0 ± 0,4
Measurement geometry 45º/0º with a ring radiation source
Warm-up time of the device, min, max 5
Time of the measurement, with no more 10
Time of continuous operation, h, not less 10
Power consumed by the device from the AC voltage at the rated voltage, V*A, no more 18
Weight, kg, not more 2
Dimensions, length × width × height, mm 200 × 85 × 60

PC software to work with the CSP: