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Electrochemical metal detector DMe-03 is designed for:

  • rapid identification of metals, precious metals, alloys;
  • non-destructive control of precious metal wares – bullions, jewelry, coins;
  • controlling precious metal wares manufacturing process;
  • determining fake jewelry (both by identifying ware composition and precious metal coating of non-precious jewelry);
  • controlling billets of ferrous and non-ferrous metal;
  • controlling the thickness of gold coating in electroplating.

DMe-03 incorporates capabilities of two types of the second-generation electrochemical metal detectors: when operated in jewelry mode it identifies metal grades, while expert mode enables measuring potentials of any allows. The obtained results are displayed on Detector screen. When in jewelry mode Detector allows identification of the following alloys:

  • Gold 9kt fine
  • Gold 14kt, standard
  • Gold 14kt, non-standard
  • Gold 18kt fine
  • Gold 23kt fine
  • Gold 24kt fine
  • Sterling silver
  • Coin silver
  • Palladium
  • White gold
  • Platinum and platinum alloys

Detector enables measuring potential values when operated in expert mode. Using optional Reference Books and Software it is possible to give accurate opinion on tested alloy or ware. DMe-03 detector is a unique device due to its parameters and capabilities unparalleled in Russia and abroad. Detector is based on the most up-to-date hardware components and shows high reliability and ease of use. It has more compact design, computer connection, and battery power. Detector standard software duplicates data displayed in device on PC screen and also enables to print last measurement results. DMe-03 incorporates 15-year operation experience with first and second-generation electrochemical metal detectors. Delivery package:

  • Electronic module
  • Probe
  • Power adaptor
  • Tissues
  • Electrolyte bulb
  • Special needle
  • Eraser
  • Additional contact device with a clip
  • Software on CD
  • User Manual
  • Рackage

Technical characteristics of DMe-03 Detector:

Parameter Value
Measurement interval (s, max) 5
PC connection port USB mini
Internal rechargeable battery type Lithium-polymer
Back-up time (h, min) 6
Overall dimension packed (mm, max) 150x95x30