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ILM Series Devices

ILM series portable devices designed to measure the reduced brightness of luminescence under the action of ultraviolet planar objects: paper (writing, graphic arts) and images printed on paper, as well as any other materials (fabrics, polymers) or coatings. ILM devices can be used for the examination of documents and works of art (paintings, icons).

Devices allow positioning through sighting device the measurements to display, transfer data to a PC. Modifications of devices:

  • Device for measuring weak luminescent objects, such as paper, paints grown old;
  • Device for measuring objects, luminescent with high intensity, such as fluorescent dyes.

Technical characteristics of the devices:

Parameter name Value
Measurement geometry 45 ° / 0 ° circular
The shape and size of the measured surface area Circle diameter (4,0 ± 0,4) mm
Spectral response sensitivity of the Instrument Corresponds to the curve "day of" V (λ) According to GOST 8.332-78
Measuring range here luminescence brightness 0,002-149,99 Cd / W (luminescence excitation power supply)
Readability readings 0,001- 0,01 Cd / W
Display range here luminescence brightness 0,000- 199,99 Cd / W
Limit of acceptable basic relative measurement error here luminescence brightness 10-20%
Options embedded UV excitation source: Irradiance produced by the exciting source of UV radiation in the plane of the entrance aperture, W/m2 (4,0±3,0)
Of maximum wavelength of the emission spectrum, nm (370±5)
Spectral width at the 0.5 level of the maximum, nm 25
Unit Dimensions 230х90х75 mm (L*W*H)
Unit weight Less 2 kg